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30.11.2014, 04:16 Elena
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30.11.2014, 04:02 Ferman
Bert's lovely ring had me srtionng interesting things out my nose Excuse me while I clean up.I totally want to post one of these, but I'm trying to stay as apolitical as possible, lest I piss off someone who might otherwise buy a book. Maybe I ought to take the plunge. If you're offended by love, you'll be offended by sex, drugs, and rock and roll, right? [url=]kqgfazi[/url] [link=]xkokcsoudz[/link]
29.11.2014, 17:32 Sachin
Coolness, Nicholas! Hey, why'd you skip my TT for this week at The Eclectic Witch on 13 Love Spells ? There is at least one there that you might like . hehehe. Head over and try to guess which one? You did visit last week's 13 holohesud items for Divination . You're so funny! Divination's the real deal, hon. (Fortunetelling is just a great google keyword that works). The coat hanger divination, for instance, is just a modern version of dowsing. Are you familiar with dowsing for water? Check it out. You might just be surprised. :)
29.11.2014, 01:13 Harmail
I think without our prnotpimg, the gay community in Singapore should already have sought and got links with gay people here as well as overseas. Indeed they are getting more vocal. When once it was a shameful thing (I remember people referred to gays as 'ah gua' - a derogative term - many years ago when I was still young and innocent), it has gained a certain acceptability in Singapore society in concert with the place's metropolitan mix today.Publication for gays? See [url=]wkaojqqe[/url] [link=]kvrealzg[/link]
29.11.2014, 00:58 Pallu
that at least eight are required to make up for the lost staniots. The Government is pushing through a Planning Bill that will streamline and speed up procedures by putting big infrastructure decisions in the hands of a new commission, rather than local councils. The aim is to cut current lengthy delays to less than a year. Ministers are awaiting applications from the big energy companies and will then confirm the location of the proposed new sites, most of which will be at or near existing locations. Energy company companies say that under the timetable the new sites can begin generating electricity by 2017. [url=]wayyxuw[/url] [link=]gdzabw[/link]
28.11.2014, 16:33 Lenaida
The few times I've had chapbook csonetts (twice in my whole life because I was doing it more as a favor for an editor than because I really wanted to have a contest) we did not charge a single penny. Not one. The two winners received copies of their books (not that many but still copies).Stop the madness of these things.Really.Find publishers/editors (such as moi) that will publish your books because they want to and not because they are trying to make money with these fees. It no longer becomes an art form. It becomes a business.I am in this because it is an art form for me. Publishing that is.Over and out Menendez
28.11.2014, 16:13 Coffee
I not taking sides as far as the issue of the reapel is concerned as I really have no indepth understanding of what being gay is REALLY like.Suffice to say, as an outsider I get the feeling that it is much more than the contentious overt act which basically seems to be comfounding and even clouding the heart of the matter, so to speak. I ask myself, have society been willing to at least open up and allow a proper and rational airing of the issue? Sadly, I must say it has not. Has there been a fair hearing? Is parliament the place for it? Your guess is as good as mine! NMP Siew had tried to put across the issue from another angle, the angle of equal rights under the constitution.On the other hand, it is apparent that there has been a lot of condemnation and hand-wringing self-righteous criticism about gays and what their ultimate agenda will be. Unfortunately, TLA's speech in parliament could have been less emotive and more rational and still get its points across. But, unfortunately, she had seen it fit to use phrases that ridiculed gays and as it transpired had played to the 'gallery' in that august chamber as it was reported that the MPs did thumped the hand rest of their seat(?)when she finished. Scenes of Romans at a gladiatorial event at the Colosseum urging the Roman emperor on to signal his fate of the fallen gladiator. Parliament which decides on and passes the laws for the country should not descend to such a state.
27.11.2014, 12:26 Mimo
byson sering kealtian wira wiri depan rumah kalo nmp jarang buanget *nb: tonggone onok sing duwe byson tp ga onok sing duwe nmp kalo yg punya warung kayaknya kebalikannya nih wkwkwk
27.11.2014, 11:58 Cristopher
Unet voi tosiaan olla imhsellieie4, ja ihan ehjie4 tarinoita. Kerran olin mukana jossain fantasiaseikkailussa, jossa pelastettiin maailmaa... ;). Sain muuten kirjoitettua te4ne4e4n, mitenke4s sine4, Rina :)? Toivottavasti sujui :).

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